IzWoz art and clothing is the work of a couple of collaborative creatures doing their best to make Earth like home.

Katie and Brad have been creating art together for over two decades and have worked on many creative and community projects.

Specialising in pen work, paint, print and pixels they are always exploring new and innovative ways to create art.

'Art and artists have the power to heal, inspire, provoke and challenge, while enhancing the well being of individuals, society and the environment'

Katie is a visual artist, illustrator, fashion and graphic designer, and an occasional sign writer and muralist.

Katie is self taught, beginning her artistic exploration with pen art and acrylic painting in her teenage years. Over the past 20 years she has diligently refined her pen work and discovered a passion for watercolours. 

Her style is precise, refined and often symmetrical. Paying great attention to detail she creates earthy, organic, surreal and other worldly images that are inspired by the natural world and her place within it.

Katie spent 3 years studying the fashion and apparel industry. With the knowledge she gained she blended her artistic skills with her apparel training. Combining her 2 passions she co-created the art and clothing brand IzWoz.

She has experience in screen printing, digital textile printing, pattern making and sewing. Her knowledge in these areas has allowed her to fulfil her dreams of leading an autonomous artistic life. 

Katie has now been working for nearly 20 years creating ethical Earthwear printed with her art. She also collaborates frequently with other like minded people working on visual branding and clothing merchandise for their businesses or projects.

When not creating art she is usually found exploring nature, or playing in the garden growing food.